There are two ways to subscribe to my blog. The first and simplest for most users is to subscribe by email. 


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The other way is to subscribe by RSS. If you want to do it the way cutting-edge internet users would, you should go with RSS. If you are one of the internet-savvy ones, you may already have an RSS reader. 

When you are on my website, if you see the RSS/XML link, you can just click on that. Or you can manually enter this RSS address into your RSS reader software: michaelprewitt.com/feed 

If you have an RSS reader installed, when you click the RSS link you should see a nicely-formatted page that looks like a simple web page. If instead you see a bunch of weird computer code, than either you don’t have an RSS reader, or it’s not installed correctly. If you want to explore this technology, you can do a Google search for “RSS reader.” There are all kinds of free ones available—Mac users have a great one built into the Safari web browser. 

What RSS means to you is a way to get the news you want delivered direct, without spam or other unwanted communications. Of course, if the only thing you use your RSS reader software for is reading content from my site, it will probably not be worth it. But you will quickly find that many sites—pretty much all the major ones—have RSS feeds, and if you subscribe to all the ones that interest you, you may discover that RSS is a much better way to keep up with what’s new than the way you have been using.