Microsoft is Dead

LOL. Yes, the title of this post if a little over the top. But that’s the expression used by Paul Graham in his blog entry. If you have any interest in competing computer operating systems, please read it. You may also enjoy the vigorous reader feedback over at MacDailyNews in reaction to his post.

I don’t HATE Microsoft — even though my repeating “Microsoft is Dead” makes me smile and laugh involuntarily. I used to be very supportive of them (especially in opposition to Mac OS 7, 8, and 9), but lately they have become so inept and mired in the past that I cannot enjoy their OS anymore. Mac OS X is so much better, which I’ve been using ever since shortly after it was released a number of years ago. I’ve tried Linux, but it left me unimpressed, and I haven’t tried any of the more recent Linux distributions such as Ubuntu. OS X works very well. And while it’s not perfect, I say it’s the best OS available for general users.

Michael Prewitt

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