Orbitz, CheapTickets … Who Copied Whom?

Here is a screen shot comparing, side by side, the flight search results on both Orbitz.com and CheapTickets.com:

Orbitz and CheapTickets compared

Click the image for a full-size view.

Note the similar layout, same search results, same wording, same abbreviations, same pretty much everything, except the colors, theme, and a few minor layout differences. The results are so similar, it appears they may be using even the same database. One notable difference in the search results is that Orbitz returns 250 results, whereas CheapTickets returns 150. But in both cases it could be an arbitrary cutoff.

Michael Prewitt

Michael Prewitt is a creative director who has worked with digital graphic design techniques since 1992. His core skills include highly refined aesthetic taste, exceptional creativity, and highly practical problem-solving ability; he also has complementary skills in related disciplines, including writing and editing, web developing, programming, photography, retouching, and illustration.

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2 Responses

  1. James says:

    If you look at the whois lookup on both sites, you’ll find that Cheap Tickets is actually owned by Orbitz.

  2. Michael says:

    Good catch. I guess I should have checked harder. It’s interesting to see how businesses work with different storefronts, especially on the Internet.

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