Yahoo Mail is Evil

Today I noticed that someone had sent a message to my (old) Yahoo email address, and this prompted me to log in and check the status of it. I was shocked to see that Yahoo had both disabled my email account and deleted all messages, all without giving me so much as a hint that this would happen. I realize that Yahoo has the legal right to do this, but that does not mean it is any less rude and insulting. A simple courtesy email from Yahoo, stating that they are about to deactivate my account and erase all messages, would cost them nothing.

I have not been using Yahoo as a primary email account for years. However, I had given it out as a fall-back address for various online services. If you have my former Yahoo email address in your address book, please delete it and use my current address only. If you don’t have that one, you can contact me through this website for details.

PS: I recommend the free address synchronizing service Plaxo. I have not had any problems with it (spam, etc.), and it has worked well for keeping my email addresses current with friends and family that use the same service. There are clients for both Windows and Mac OS X. (One caveat: The software offers to send sign-up invitations to all your contacts, which may annoy some of them. But you have complete control over the process, and sending the invitations is optional.)

Michael Prewitt

Michael Prewitt is a creative director who has worked with digital graphic design techniques since 1992. His core skills include highly refined aesthetic taste, exceptional creativity, and highly practical problem-solving ability; he also has complementary skills in related disciplines, including writing and editing, web developing, programming, photography, retouching, and illustration.

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  1. I had a similar situation, except I had my website hosted with them. They disabled my account without any notice and when I contacted them repeatedly the just kept saying I had violated their terms of service without giving me any specific details as to how I had done so. I still have my other address from them but I changed servers for my website. It was a blessing in disguise though, because now I have unlimited bandwidth usage and unlimited space to use on my site for only $10 per month. All things work together for good. God bless Michael.

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